Commissions and Boards

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  • Commissions and Boards
Princeton thrives through the collaborative efforts of its various commissions and boards, each comprised of dedicated members entrusted with the responsibility of shaping decisions that impact different facets of the city.
This is a photo of the economic development board meeting in city hall chambers.
Children and local leaders gather at the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new playground in Princeton City Park.
The Princeton Fire Department and city officials at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new firetruck for the department.
A computer rendering of the design for the new playground at Princeton City Park.

Community Involvement

Involving community members, city commissions, and boards is integral to the developmental trajectory of Princeton, WV. These committed groups bear the responsibility of influencing decisions that resonate across various aspects of the city. Actively immersed in research, analysis, and policy recommendations, they cultivate a collaborative atmosphere, fostering progress, inclusivity, and the holistic well-being of both the city and its residents.

To learn more about our boards and commissions, please get in touch with us.

Community Improvement Commission

Princeton Sanitary Board

Princeton Board of Parks & Recreation Commissioners

Board of Library Directors of Princeton

Zoning Board of Appeals

Princeton Building Commission

Economic Development Authority

Princeton Land Reuse Agency Board of Directors

Princeton General Board of Appeals

Princeton Planning Commission

Current Members

  • Sam Lusk – Chair
  • Lori McKinney – Vice Chair
  • Laura Buchannon – PPL Director
  • Jason Spade
  • Rita Montrose
  • Kenya Kadjo
  • Becky Kidwell
  • Alan Kade

Current Members

  • David E. Graham – Mayor Servers As Chairman
  • Kevin Graham – Director, Plant Operations PCH
  • Charles Stores

Current Members

  • Toby Seaver – President
  • Joseph Allen – Council Member
  • Jacqueline Rucker – Council Member
  • Floyd Ricks
  • Debbie Ball

Current Members

  • Shirley Bourne
  • Dawn Graham
  • JoAnna Fredeking
  • Kevin Cole
  • Pam Stafford

Current Members

  • Derrick Lefler – Chairman
  • Tod Boggess – Vice Chairman
  • Carol Bailey
  • Kim Hickman
  • Larry Kincaid
  • Kurt Rice

Current Members

  • Zane Lawhorn – Chairman
  • Karen Thron – Vice Chair
  • Robert “Mike” Bailey – Treasurer
  • David Johnston – Secretary
  • Floyd Ricks

Current Members

  • Sam Lusk – Director
  • Will Stafford – Chair
  • Lee Ross – Vice Chair
  • Dewey Russell
  • Leslie Wellman
  • Rick Allen
  • Dave Cole
  • Joe Keatley
  • Al Boland
  • Roger Griffith
  • Paula King
  • Lee Lewis
  • Jack Fredeking

Princeton Economic Development Authority Website

Current Members

  • Will Stafford – Chair
  • John Hickman – Vice Chair
  • Mike Webb – Secretary
  • Dewey Russell – Treasurer
  • Brandon Austin – Public Member

Current Members

  • Jack Fredeking – Chairman
  • Jackie Barker
  • Steve Jessee
  • Chris Canterbury
  • Kenneth Crowe

Current Members

  • John Hickman – President
  • Vic Allen – Vice President
  • Dan Crutchfield
  • Anthony Brown
  • Jim Hilling
  • JoAnna Fredeking
  • Marshall Lytton
  • Dewey Russell
  • Bob Lohr

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