Agendas, Meetings, and Minutes

The agendas, meeting times, and minutes of City Council meetings are made available to the public to facilitate transparent governance.

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Meet Your City Council

The Princeton, WV City Council is comprised of four ward representatives and three at-large city council members, fostering an inclusive and representative approach to decision-making.

David Graham

Mayor (At-Large)

Jacqueline Rucker, City Council Member Ward 1

Jacqueline Rucker

City Council Member (Ward 1)

Marshall Lytton

City Council Member (Ward 2)

James Hawkins

City Council Member (Ward 3)

Joseph Allen

Vice-Mayor (Ward 4)

James Hill

City Council Member (At-Large)

Dewey Russel

City Council Member (At-Large)

Ward Representatives

The four ward representatives are elected by residents residing in specific geographic areas known as wards. They act as advocates for their respective wards, actively engaging with residents to understand their concerns and aspirations. By voicing the unique needs of their constituents, ward representatives ensure that local issues are effectively addressed and incorporated into council discussions.

At-Large City Council Members

Complementing the ward representatives are the three at-large city council members. These members are elected to serve the entire city, considering its overall well-being. By taking a broader perspective, they contribute to decisions and policies that impact Princeton as a whole. The at-large council members bring a comprehensive understanding of the community’s diverse interests and work collaboratively to achieve the City’s goals.

Working Together for Effective Governance

The Princeton, WV City Council operates through a collaborative framework that leverages the diverse perspectives of its members for efficient and transparent governance. Regular council meetings provide a platform for discussion, where all members actively participate to address challenges, make informed decisions, and develop policies that align with the City’s vision.

In addition to council meetings, various committees, and subcommittees focus on specific areas such as finance, public safety, planning, or community development. These committees allow council members, including both ward representatives and at-large members, to conduct in-depth research, gather information, and present recommendations to the council. By engaging in comprehensive deliberations, the council collectively shapes the City’s future.

Meeting Procedures

The meeting procedures for the Princeton, WV City Council are designed to ensure transparency, effective communication, and the orderly conduct of business. To learn more about how City Council Meetings operate, visit our Meetings & Procedures page.

Meet Your Mayor

The mayor plays a pivotal role in the Princeton, WV City Council. Their responsibilities are significant for the administration of the City, executing policies and ordinances, and providing leadership to enhance the overall welfare of the community.

The mayor also represents the city in official capacities and engages with various stakeholders to promote collaboration and effective governance.

David Graham

Mayor of Princeton

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