Utility Information

Princeton offers all the utilities needed to live a comfortable life and do business in Southern West Virginia.
A Princeton Public Works Department employee mowing grass by the Princeton Historic District sign.
The logo of Appalachian Power, an AEP Company.
The logo of American Water company.

Providing for your Life in Princeton

Princeton’s utilities are provided by several sources including the Princeton Sanitary Board (sewer), American Water (tap water), Appalachian Power an American Electric Power Company (electrical), and Princeton Public Works (trash). These are a combination of public and private services.

Princeton Sanitary Board is a City of Princeton affiliate organization. Though it is a separate legal entity, its board and administrative leadership are appointed by the Princeton City Council. The Princeton Sanitary Board maintains and expands public sewer lines in order to accommodate private growth. Whether this is a commercial or residential customer, the Princeton Sanitary Board ensures that their sewer lines are within a reasonable distance of the property to reduce the burden on the property owner to invest private dollars to tap into the existing network.

American Water and American Electric Power are both private companies providing water and electrical utilities to Princeton, respectively.

The Princeton Public Works Department handles trash pick up for properties (commercial and residential) in the City based on whether individuals choose to take advantage of this public service or pay a private company to provide this service. The cost of this service is $22 per customer with costs varying for special pickups.